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Float Tube Belly Boat

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Anybody here ever use one? Saw a couple guys fishing from 2 of these using their frogman fins.

Do they have to be licensed? They were knockin' the bass. Came up the ramp, got out, let the air out of em, threw them in the truck...done!

They said it was good exercise.

Thanks in advance for any information. MJ
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Own two though I haven't used them in awhile. Used float tubes frequently in the early 80's fishing central Washington lakes for trout. They are a great fishing tool and have used mine to retrieve a goose before I had retrievers. Love using them on farm ponds with poppers for bluegill and bass.
On a hot day like all the ones we've had this summer, be kinda' like swimming on lakes where there is NO SWIMMING allowed. MJ
I realized I didn't answer the question about licensing, to the best of my knowledge they don't need to be. Things may have changed though.
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