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Fishing lures

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I have a tackle box full of fishing lures. Can't say I caught many fish on them. I think they're designed to catch more fishermen than fish. Night crawlers and minnows always worked better for me.
I will say, recently I've been catching bass on the Berkley rubber worms, Texas rigged.
Anybody use this Berkley Gulp stuff? They even make this spray scent stuff you spray on them...Yes I bought some!! :) MJ
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we generally don't need to use any attractant on berkley's stuff. it is infused pretty well.

my tourney partner has some pink stuff that we use on other soft plastics that are not scented well. the **** works but it is NASTY. one of the worst smelling things on the planet.

i can't remember the name of it and can't find it on the interweb either. probaby found out it was toxic and had to take it off the market.
I've been fishing out of a 1947 wooden boat that was my fathers. It's been stored all these years and is like a piece of furniture. Put rod racks in it today, co-worker gave me an electric motor. Turnin' in to one of them "bass ****" DuckDude used to talk about. Even hitting some nice largemouth here and there.

Next I have to master the bait casting reel. Kids got me a Garcia Black Max for my birthday! MJ
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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