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First Kill with my Henry 44 Mag!

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At 7:41 a.m. Tuesday, just after the down pour of rain started, this doe walked by at 15 yards. By the time I had my Henry shouldered, I had to wait for her to clear some trees and that made the shot about 40 yards. I placed the front bead sight, behind the left shoulder and at the sound of the shot, she double "mule kicked", ran about 50 yards and fell over.

The 240gr. Hornady XTP took her heart out. I was impressed with how cleanly this rifle killed the deer.

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Congrats! I bought the same rifle...hope to get out on a bonus day day.
Good lookin' piece. Gotta be a nice hundred yard gun too. MJ
Sweet I got a 444 and it is crazy the damage... 5 in drop from 200 and an entrance wound like this... Ouch Hand Green Plant Human body Jaw
mine are 265 grain Hornady


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What kind of wound channel did you get on the .44?

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