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Favorite scent eliminating spray

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Been using scent a way autumn for a long time and wanna switch. What's some of the best out there you are having good luck wit.
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I'm a fan of scent away. Have head good things about dead down wind too.
I'm a Febreze guy. Especially when I'm perched on my porcelain stand.
Having the right Wind is the best scent eliminator :D, however, I like to use the Hunters Specialties Fresh Earth Scent Wafers. It's more of a cover up than an eliminator. I keep all my gear in a large Rubbermaid tote and clip the wafers to my hat, jacket and pants. After just a few hours in the tote, everything smells like mud. The fresh earth scent, in my opinion, is the most natural smelling wafer they offer.

There are walnut and oak trees where I hunt, so I rake a pile of rotting walnuts and acorns where I walk in and smother my boots and hat in the pile on the way to the stands.
I love that they say 99%elimination of replicated human odor on the commercials, how do you replicate human odor? What a joke along with any sent away clothing and ozone machines
Anyone who knows anything about me knows I am a scent guru...... there is no one spray that is a fix all. I avoid anything that has a scent to it. Fresh esrth, autumn, etc.....

I personally use all dead down wind products. But there is a whole process...... I will let you guys in on a little bit of info that isn't publicized. DO NOT spray dead down wind sprays on anytanytbing rubber..... most importantly, rubber boots. The working enzyme in DDW actually has a chemical reaction to rubber, leaving off a scent.... don't believe it? Spray your rubber boots with DDW and walk across the deers path and watch em follow your foot steps to the tree
I like smelling like the woods. I wash my cloths in baking soda, then hang them outside for a couple days hopefully a good rain and then a good day of sunshine to dry them out. Then I cut off a small maple branch and put it in my bag with the cloths. They smell like the woods to me. On a related note... check your cloths for stink bugs before you put them in your bag.
I put natural vegetation into my tote also , sounds like dead down wind is the most popular around here
Hunt thermals? What u talkin bout
thermals is when your scent rises due to heat rising. hard to hunt thermals in rain and on cloudy days.
Used to be a DeadDownWind guy, but now I use a beekeepers smoker and smoke all of my clothing and myself every time I go into my stand. The people at BuckeyeCam turned me on to this about 6 years ago and do not knock it until you try it, it is by far the best way of concealing human odor......Ive had deer directly down wind of me many times, and although they are aware of the scent, they show no signs of fear.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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