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Exploitive or offensive to you?

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So our sportsmen's club is hosting the 49th annual All Breed Invitational winners trial in April of this year. The costs associated with this event is almost staggering. We are fundraising now to generate revenue to help under write the event. I am thinking of banding each bird the day of the trial with some sort of commemorative band, numbered 001- to however many birds we plant during the trial (# dogs entered X 2 birds per dog). I'm thinking about $20.00 bucks per person to enter the "bird band contest". The night of the banquet, we'll pull a number out of a drum. Provided you entered the game and your name is on the list, whoever shot the bird with the winning drawn band number will win the prize. I'm leaning towards a top of the line GoPro camera set up or nice compact handgun.. Does anyone find this offensive in any way? I know South Dakota has done a Million Dollar type game for bagging the banded bird. If you were involved with this event, would you want to take part in this type of raffle game? Just looking for some feed back. No one has ever tried this type of band game before.
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I'd be in... Though I'm not to privy on Go Pro's though, over priced with many less expensive alternatives on the market. Compact handgun would be nice though.
I like the idea.

May give this a try on a PF hunt sometime.
Sounds like a good idea, I'd do it.
I guess I'm lost on what would offend someone?
Killing stuff to win a prize. I'm all for it.
Never got the solicitation paperwork from you...
Never got the solicitation paperwork from you...
Sent everything out Monday. Give the poor USPS a chance to do their job.
Hate the postal service. Our two dog of the day trophies are David Maass signed and numbered prints. I had two plates engraved to be cut into the matting at Wild Wings in Minnesota. Sent them on January 21st. Got a call from the sales rep on Feb 4 that she still hadn't received plates. Go to the post office and ask the worthless azzholes if they're walking the stuff to Minnesota. Had new plates re-engraved and sent, AGAIN!,for $8.62 2 day with a tracking number. Got an email on Monday of this week that the plates arrived, and two prints were sent to the frame shop. Got an email yesterday letting me know that the two plates I sent on January 21 showed up at Wild Wings yesterday. Oh well, what do you expect from such good union help? I may have sent the letter to your boss, Jeff P.!
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With comments like that, you must not want donations very bad.....
With comments like that, you must not want donations very bad.....
Don't make him have big Ted P. take care of it.
With comments like that, you must not want donations very bad.....

Testy testy Aren't we ....
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