Erieau 8.26.05

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    <br> Based on the poor reports coming in from Wheatley we made the decision to give Erieau a try. We started off 7 miles out of the harbor on the 110 heading. Lines in at 7:45 and the first fish was on a 8:00. Downriggers at 43 and 50 down with sliders, and dipsys 1 @ 70, 2 @ 100, 3 @ 120. We ended up 15 for 22 on the bullets and also put 11 eyes in the box with one at 6lbs and one at 30"s, 9.25lbs...We managed to put together a decent spread for the short trip. Off the water at 11:30 because of the 3-5 footers arising from the SE. Would like to get back again this weekend, but will see what Katrina will do this week...<br> <br> <img src=""><br> <br> <img src="" height="476" width="487"><br> <br> Corey Miller<br> Team Reel Naughty<br>
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    <P>Those are some nice looking fish!</P>