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Ended the season with,,

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Another memorable hunt with my boy. We only killed 7, but my boy made his first triple. It was first light and he says "three coming on my end dad". He then sits up out of his ground blind as I come up as well, bang- first one drops, bang the second, bang the third, all before I could even pull a bead on one, little shi- head.


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Does he shoot off season? Heck I've only went 3 for 3 a handful of times-on purpose. Overspray, well that's another story lol....
Wowzuh! Yep same here EP. MAYBE three times, two is all I can remember.
That kid is a stone cold killer! He's got a good teacher!
He does very little off season shooting, he's always been pretty much a natural.
He my boy would get along great! Great job buddy!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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