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Early goose was very productive!

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We shot 103 for our early goose it was a good time
Nice job guys! worst september season i have had in a long time. ended up with 56 geese no bands. usually break over a 100 and always a few bands.
We ended up with 103 and 14 bands one was from Iowa all others were local
looks like sweet corn was the place to be
I thought sweet corn was illegal to hunt waterfowl in????At least that's what the feds told me???
That's awesome. What area of the state are you in? Did about 40-50 in NW Ohio...
I sure wish they would make sweet corn legal for waterfowl. They claim they want us to shoot the early season geese but wont let us go where they are. Then you have the whole argument that the clubs can plant and flood corn for the soul purpose of attracting ducks and that's not considered baiting but I can't hunt a sweet corn field that a farmer planted.....STUPID!!
very true. flooding standing corn is nothing more than legal baiting the money always wins
Honestly I think you guys are being ignorant, looks like a normal silage field to me
I would say that is sweet corn, but ill be first to admit i have hunted sweet corn fields before. call me a no good dirty son of a b**** but i think that is one of the dumbest laws. if i get caught its my own fault ill take the ticket and probably never do it again.
Lol, yes there appears to be a lil sweet corn mixed in, but who really cares? It's a naturally farmed field and these dudes took the geese to pound town in there, they're just pissed they didn't kill **** in sept so they gotta bash people that did, Jeff and dlc( dik lik?) don't tell me you wouldn't hunt a 500 bird sweet corn field if you had the chance. Only difference is these guys found the birds and went for it, good job
I can't tell the difference between sweet corn and any other farmed corn field.
Hey remi30 or should I call you a name like you did me, for your information I had 2 sweet corn fields that I could hunt that the geese were pounding and I could have easily shot 100 geese. To me a ticket isn't worth it. If you go back and read I never once bashed the hunter I bashed the Feds for the way they have the law written up. Have a great season
Just so you know I did very good on the early geese in legal fields. I will never get those big numbers because I only hunt 3 guns at any one time. I also have permission to hunt a sweet corn farm that has 500 plus going to it every day. Last year there were 3 collard geese hitting the same field everyday for 4 weeks. I get plenty birds hunting legally I don't need to bait them to get the hero shots just so I can post proof of my poaching. Not all of the photos are in corn and congratulations for the big numbers when done legally. I have trouble eating the 40 or 50 I get I don't know what I would do with any more. By the way I don't agree with the law but it is the law and I fallow it.
We hunted cut silage fields hay fields and alfalfa fields NO sweet corn fields and killed 103 birds
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