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Duck Hunting Question

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I'm pretty new to waterfowl hunting. I have a small jon boat I am gonna use to hunt out of but it isn't really setup for birds, more for fishing. My question is, is there anything I can or should do to help camouflage it or should I just back it into some cattails and reeds and hunt from there?
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GTT, a looong time ago when I was a kid, we hunted with a small pram, or johnboat. We would use it to transport decoys and gear to our hunting destination, where we would then turn the boat on its side and prop it up with its two oars. We had the old Herter's grass matting that we would cover the boat with, then proceed to grass over with cattails, reed canary grass etc. My younger brother and I, along with our childhood friend thought we were "the bomb" sitting behind that makeshift blind, our plaid Thermos jars at the ready with some coffee and homemade sandwiches to kill the time. We all had assigned jobs back then when Dad was taking us out. I packed all the lunches on Friday night. Younger bro and buddy did the guns and decoys. I remember like yesterday how everyone got the same lunch....a sandwich, a couple of hard boiled eggs, some pickle slices and a piece of fruit (whatever Mom brought home that week). My late father was an over the road truck driver. Even when he got home late on a Friday, we waited on baited breath "hoping" he would feel rested enough to wake up early enough to get us out. He never disappointed! Not to go off on a tangent, but your post brought back a bunch of fond memories. Thanks, and enjoy making your own memories with that johnboat.
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