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Duck Hunt 12-26-15

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Duck Hunt 12-26-15
River was going to 49 on Tuesday, and was suppose to be 40 Saturday. Wind out of the south east 5-8 which is fantastic, almost a downstream breeze. No cold weather so far, in fact it was suppose to reach 60 today. The only problem is rain-rain-rain. The alarm went off at 6:45 and I looked outside and rain. I decided to sleep in. I took Debi to Frisch’s and was going east on 52 by 10:00. The same field hunters were west of Bull Skin Creek. At Ripley I saw a gas barge going DS with smoke venting from one of the barges. It was a Marathon Barge. I pulled into town to get a picture, but the smoke stopped. I have no idea what that was about. I was going to put in at Manchester. Got to the ramp downtown and pulled into the fort to get under the cover to change into my rain suite and waders.
I pulled the truck down the ramp and saw a mess. The city had not pulled the dock and it had a ton of brush against it and completely covered the ramp. I tried to clear out a hole to put the skiff in, but it was too difficult. I gave up and headed for Brush Creek. I hoped that maybe the ramp US at the island would be open; but it was locked as normal.

At Brush creek the Ramp was also locked, this was not the case last year. On to Rome. I pulled into the abandoned store at the top of the ramp to rearrange my rain outfit. At Manchester I had put my waders over my rain pants and this would not work. I rearranged them. I was in the water at 12:30. The new 15 stared right up, god I love electric start. It was lightly raining. I decided to run up the Ohio bank and get above the old Lock and Dam 32. At the upper end of Rome in a weed patch I jumped up 7 mallards. I crossed over below the dam. I started drifting. It was fantastic, the river was flat and no wind and plenty of logs just like me. I paddled about .5 mile a spotted mallards ahead. I did not get the binoculars out because of the rain; binoculars don’t work in the rain. The mallards got up at 100 yards, which was surprising. Continued on down and the rain picked up to a good soaking. About 15 minutes later a spotted 2 backs who got up at 200 yards, not good. 5 minutes later I jumped up 2 more blacks, who got up at 100 yards. There was plenty of cover, and blacks are hard to spot, and ever harder in a pouring rain. About 5 minutes later I hear wing beats behind me. I passed up 4 mallards. I can’t believe I did not see them. 300 yards down stream the same thing happened, they got up behind me, perhaps 4 mallards.

At this point I am above Brush creek and I pulled into the bank for some coffee. I was not cold but I needed some hot coffee. I pushed off and 5 minutes later I spot a drake mallard ahead. As I got closer I saw there were about 5. I got right besides them; they were behind some fallen trees. I dropped the paddle, reach for my model 12, sat up and they looked at me. I yelled hay, and they did not get up. When they did jump up they were too far behind me to get a shoot off. I kept on DS. I spotted another mallard ahead, As I got closer, again I spotted more, perhaps 5 total. I got right beside them dropped the paddle and sat up. I dropped a drake on the first shoot and proceeded to miss my next two, I cranked up the 15 and head back to pick up my drake. I then noticed 2 dead ducks at the waters edge. Somehow I had dropped a hen wood duck, but I did not see it get hit. I picked up my ducks and pulled into the bank for coffee and my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

At this point it is really raining. I headed DS. I passed the Island and came to Concord. It is 4:00 pm. I had enough. I headed back US on the Ohio bank. It was a tough run because of the heavy drift. I only jumped up a group of 5 and 2 black ducks on the 6 mile run US. I pulled out at around 5:00. At this point my paints were wet, my rain outfit did not do a very good job. I got boat gas at the Aberdeen Marathon , and was shocked to see that I only needed 1.3 gallons. I ran up 7 miles which is good, a little less than 6 miles per gallon. I had chilly at the DAIRY Yum Yum in Ripley and was home by 7:00.


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Interesting that you shot a wood duck Saturday. I saw some on a stretch of river in northern ohio. Weird year.
I jumped a couple (woodies) on the Lil Miami out back a few days before the opener but have not seen any since opening day.
we are not exactly field hunting. we put geese in the field behind our blind to try and get a flyby at lower altitude from the local geese.
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