Duck Hunt 1-29-16

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    Duck Hunt 1-30-16
    I should have worked, but I had to go one more time. Wind was supposed to be south west 7 to 9 on Saturday which can be bad for drifting in certain stretches of the river. I decided to go to Rome (mile 384) because I gave not been there in a while. River at 29’ at Cincinnati, and we have had a warm spell since the cold weather. Low Friday night was 31 degrees, but it was going to be 55 on Saturday. Got up at 7:00 and was on the road by 8:00. There were 8 trailers at Neville but I think they were sauger fishermen. I saw the decoy hunters west of Bull Skin Creek, but no trailers at the creek ramp, and it was open-no ice below the ramp. At Red Oak creek there were a bunch of ducks and geese sitting on the ice, and a snapped a picture. There was 2 trailers at Ripley. Had a great breakfast at the Yum Yum. Back on 52 east I saw 6 trailers at Maysville and 2 at Manchester. When I got to Rome there were 2 trailers already there. It looked like a duck hunter, the other looked like a fisherman. As I was getting ready another fisherman pulled in. I headed across the river to the Ky. Bank. No wind it was great. I started downstream at a slow idle spotting with my binoculars. About 5 minutes I spotted 5 ducks ahead that were swimming out. They were a good .5 mile below me. To my amazement they swam out and got up- that was crazy. 5 minutes later I spotted 6 more and they did the same thing. These ducks are very- very spooky, I bet a decoy hunter has been motoring up on them. I head a motor running behind me and spotted a decoy hunter in a boat across the river, I bet he was the duck hunter who put in at Rome. Just before Brush Creek Island, I spotted 3 black ducks ahead. I put the troller on low but at about 200 yards they headed for the middle of the river, and did not stop.
    At this time the wind came up and seemed to be blowing US. It went from calm to whitecaps in 5 minutes. I was done. I cranked up and headed across just above the upper end of Brush Creek Island. At 40 yards from the head of the island, I jumped up a lone goose. If I would have spotted the island before crossing, I could have floated on this goose. I found the last dumb goose on the Ohio. I headed up the Ohio bank. I jumped about 5 groups of ducks below Rome. I could not float them the river was a mess, with the wind. I spotted ducks ahead below Rome, and the wind seemed to be better, so I crossed over and ran up to Rome, and crossed over. But the wind was still too strong to float. I decided to head US above Rome. I ran up the Ohio bank about 2 mile above Rome and then crossed over to the KY bank. As I was getting ready the wind hit me again. I was done. I decided to head home and perhaps try Bull Skin Creek. I pulled out and headed West on 52. Every other car was a motorcycle- god I hate warm weather.
    I put in at Bull Skin Creek and the wind was strong, but blowing from the KY bank to the Ohio bank. I should be able to float the KY bank. It was not bad unless there was a low bank, and then it was too windy. I headed down at a slow idle. I spotted a white duck ahead of me, with 2 mallards. I put the troller on low and got to within 200 yards and started paddling. The white duck headed out, with the mallards following them. At 100 yards the mallards took off, the white duck kept swimming DS. Spotting was tough because the sun was in my eyes. I cranked up the 15 and head down. I spotted mallards below and put the troller on low. I started paddling at 100 yards and got right beside them. There were 2 mallards a hen and a drake. I was just ready to drop the paddle and they got up. 2 shots and not a feather was touched. I cranked up the 15 and head down. I looked over on the bank and saw a duck hiding in a tree root, it was my white duck. The same thing happened again on 3 mallards, I spotted them and got right up on them only to miss two easy shots. I then came up to the dam. I was done, it was 5:00. I headed up the Ohio Bank and just below BullSkin Creek I spotted decoys ahead. It was prime time, so I did not want to disturb them. I crossed over to the middle of the river and ran up. Pulled out at 5:15; 4 shots no ducks. I finished the season with 15 ducks total and no Geese.

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    I was curious do you not try to drift on the divers? There were several groups of buffies, goldeneye and blue bills sitting on the river this weekend. Along with a bunch of idiots blowing Kazoo's. I had a group set up directly across the river from me once they saw my spread. They motored in at 8am took an hour to set decoys and within 45minutes started a fire 30 yds from their spread. It was 47 degrees for Christ sakes.