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    I am rigging up the duck boat to do some angling. Yes I know i am running late. The boat will have a elec trolling motor, depth finder, and electric start 20horse. My questions are these for you who have far more knowledge than me.

    Do i run 2 DC batteries together in parallel for all or one for trolling motor one for starting motor/sonar?

    Anyone recommend a charging/tender system for the above scenario?

    thanks in advance

    anything else i need to know?
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  2. Dew

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    Not sure how others do it but wouldn't want my main battery tied in with anything else. A hard day on the trolling motor could draw it down then your paddling to the ramp.

  3. the_lone_wader

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    I run two batteries. One is solely for my trolling motor. The other runs my sonar and lights. I pull start my motor. On windy days, I have had to disconnect my main battery and use my auxiliary battery to get back to the ramp on electric only lakes.