Dove poppers

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    My son is a certified dove junky!!!:shocked: Mom and I let him out of school one day a year, and that's for the dove opener. He has already made a shopping list for mom before the weekend. He diligently cleaned all of our birds from Tuesday and has them ready to go for the weekend. He likes to put a water chestnut in with a dove breast wrapped in bacon. More like a "rumaki" appetizer. He saw a girl on the Pursuit Channel make some last weekend, and is determined to try making them this weekend. She placed a slice of bacon down, then spread a jalapeno/cheddar cream cheese spread on the bacon. Add a dove breast and a pickled jalapeno, roll up (she actually did a folded type wrap around entire breast) then onto the grill. Our neighbors at the campground enjoy them with us hot off the grill with an ice cold brewski. Looking forward to Saturday! :spot:
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