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Do the rules change?

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I am having a hard time digesting the mindsets of some people who hunt public hunting areas, or WMA'S, and think it's absolutely fine to leave large volumes of trash or spent shotgun hulls on the ground prior to them leaving. Would you do the same if invited to a friends private property? I was glad to learn multiple littering tickets were handed out on the dove opener at a couple of the WMA's my son and I hunted. We picked up shells between dove action (no big deal, as I'm sure others did the same) and hauled trash bags filled with empty hulls and shell boxes left in the fields by slobs. Cardboard shell boxes!!! Does anyone think that leaving that type of a littering mess is in anyway okay?
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Apparently plenty do, or else people like you and I wouldn't be cleaning up their mess. It's ridiculous.
We watched two guys get fined at Berlin Lake on opening day, as they were leaving the wardens showed up, over 100 shells on the ground. Both were cited
The GW's in this area have been cracking down on littering round here, it's a good thing!
That's why I love duck hunting, you just sink your empties. :D
That's why I love duck hunting, you usually walk out with just as many unfired shells as you walked in with. :D
People are just lazy and dont care what they leave behind rather its public land or land they have permission to hunt. No matter were i hunt or fish i pic up others people trash they left behind. If everyone would take that extra sec to pic there trash up our land wouldnt look like one big trash dump.
How are the tennis shoe duck dynasty crowd going to find their spots, if we always pick up the Mountain Dew and Busch light cans along with their empty cigarette packs.
Deplorable the trash left at public hunting and fishing areas. If you brought it in take it back out.
cardboard is good compost
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