Dear Friends, if you have the Outdoor Channel...

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    <DIV>Dear Friends,<BR><BR>If you, a family member, or friend, have access to the The Outdoor Channel, I'm proud to announce that we did another show with Benelli's American Bird Hunter. This episode, #94, is entitled; 'The Mighty Layout Boys'.<BR><BR>Filmed in Canada, Dave; 'The General' Gruber joined us last November for what has to be one of the finest layout shoots ever captured on film. The Scaup, Redheads, and Cans were harvested scant yards from the MLBII as the General, myself, and one other gunner filled our six bird limits. <BR><BR>The show airs today at 8pm Michigan time (eastern?), or 7:00pm Central time. It will also air this Saturday at 5:30pm Michigan (eastern) time/4:30pm Central time.<BR><BR>It was a pleasure to hunt with the General again, and I look forward to our next hunt this Fall, which will involve the new MLB Gunship and of all things, Mallards (diver hunters, please forgive me!).<BR><BR>God Bless All,<BR><BR>Mark</DIV>
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    I just finished watching it on the Outdoor Channel at my in-laws.&nbsp; I was very impressed with the production of the show.&nbsp; The water level camera shots of the decoys was excellent, and the shooting was superb.&nbsp; The only downfall for me was the long-winded<br> advertising segments.&nbsp; I would have definitely loved to have seen&nbsp; hunting footage, and this coming&nbsp; from a bonefide field hunter.&nbsp; EXCELLENT SHOW. <br>

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    <P>&nbsp;&nbsp; I have to agree with HB, on the commercials.</P>