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Crickets are louder than

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Duck dude after a Bengals loss. Amazing how you comment right after a win, but are silent after being exposed
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If you were referring to me it's Duck ROOKIE. Duck dude is someone else. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner but I've been busy completing a Master's Degree course. If you want to think that beating our second string QB is something to get excited about then get excited. BTW, you take away the 14 points off his two interceptions you lost. The Cincy defense did a pretty good job of keeping the Pitt offense out of the end zone. It's ONE game. Cincy is still 10-3 and in control of its own destiny which is unlike your Steelers that have to depend on someone else losing. Cincy plays two teams with losing records with a second string QB that had a better QB rating Rothlesberger yesterday. The future is not bleak like you think it is or want me to believe it is.

I apologize to duck dude. By your reasoning, Pittsburgh should be undefeated because of their key injuries. It was nice watching that poser Burfik try to intimidate pre game, way to get the steelers more fired up, they were already mad from the cheap shot he put on Bell to put him out for the season.

You need to have a next man up attitude like the Steeelers and quit making excuses for a loss.
I'm not making excuses, they lost. It was one game. If you would kindly remember that the season series is now at 1-1. I just wouldn't crow from the rooftops that you beat Cincy, admit the win but realize facts. Would the outcome have been different if Dalton hadn't been hurt, at the very minimum the score would have been different.

You call the tackle of Bell a cheap shot but no one else, not even Bell, called it a cheap shot. It was a clean tackle and he was never fined so clearly the NFL thought it was clean too. I'm not one to dwell on the past but you need to think back to the playoff game where Palmer's knee was blown out (fine leveled by NFL) or the broken jaw of a defenseless kicker (fine leveled by the NFL). You can't take the high road when it comes to dirty hits.

I was not impressed with Burfict's childlike behavior, which I saw from both sides of the ball. Grow up and play football. Cincy has ALWAYS allowed Pittsburgh to get into their head. It's one of the things that really frustrates me with when they play Pittsburgh.

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