Coping with turkey pains

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    I thought here would be a good place for a copy of an article from the Houston Chronicle. This was sent to me by The Black Powder Waterfowlers Guide Service.

    After reading, it made me appreaciate my 12 gauge English fowler.

    Coping with turkey pains

    By Shannon Tompkins
    Copyright 2003 Houston Chronicle

    Turkey hunters can be excused if their shooting shoulders seem a bit tender after firing on of the relatively new 3½ inch, high-velocity, 12 gauge rounds offered as a gobbler getter.

    These Roman candle-size shotshells produce recoil equal to or exceeding that of most of the largest rifle rounds, including the legendary, shoulder-bruising .458 Winchester “elephant†cartridge.

    Winchester Ammunition engineer Steve Myers said the company’s 3½-inch, high-velocity 12-gauge turkey loads produce more recoil than any round the company builds for civilian (non-military) use.

    How much recoil?

    Fired through an 8-pound firearm (typical approximate weight of a standard rifle), Meyers said recoil energy in foot-pounds for some familiar rifle cartridges are approximately:

    · .30-06 Springfield – 17 ft.-lbs.
    · .300 Winchester Magnum – 26 ft.-lbs.
    · .338 Winchester Magnum – 34 ft.-lbs.
    · .458 Winchester Magnum – 65 ft.-lbs.

    In the real world, of course, there are no 8-pound .458 Winchester rifles. But there are 10-pound .458s, and a 10-pounder in that caliber produces about 57 ft.-lbs. of recoil.

    How does that compare with the big turkey loads?

    Approximate recoil from Winchester, 12-gauge, high-velocity “turkey†loads fired from an 8-pound shotgun:

    · 3-inch load – 54 ft.-lbs.
    · 3½-inch load – 71 ft.-lbs.

    A 3½-inch turkey load produces more then four times the recoil of an Ought-Six and twice that of the mean-kicking .338!

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    My thoughts exactly,the pain don't last that long,1 shot one turk!duck hunting that's another story the 3.5 all day long that can bruise your shoulder and pit,now that lingers, now do it 3 or 4 day's in a row ouch!!<img src="/images/boards/smilies/frown.gif" border="0" align="absmiddle">

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    Great artical! I have told people that I think my 3 1/2" turkey loads have more recoil than anything I shoot, and now I know I wasn't going crazy. When I am shooting a bird I don't feel it until the next day, but when I am patterning my gun on paper, it kicks like a mule!!!!