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Looking to make a wetland on 9 of my 30 acres. Should I have the state or feds build it or just hire private to do it? Located in far eastern lucas county lake erie marsh hunting zone. Any information would be appreciated

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Start by contacting your private lands biologist with the DNR from your region office.
The Soil Water Conservation district in Lucas county could be of help as well. Good soil information to be had.

Lots of funding available through ODNR and Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program.
^^^^^^ do that. I put a 2 acre wetlands in and I made $500 on the deal by doing some of the work myself. They covered $5500 of the project. Good luck. A side note, if they fund it you can only plant 10% of the project. So If you wanted to do flooded corn, which I'm sure you do if you are going to hunt it. You might want to fund it yourself. That way you can plant all of it. Check into it and see what you can do.
Thanks for the help guys I got ahold of Mark Witt with ODNR and Jeff Finn with USFWS. I was hoping to build the marsh in the middle of the 30 acres and plant corn around in the remaining acres. If planting what I want is going to be an issue with the ODNR or USFWS I have just have to hire a private contractor.

I wish I had a bulldozer lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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