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Chocolate Lab

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I have a Chocolate lab I rescued. I have had him for 2 months, I got him when he was 8months old. I rescued him because the owner couldn't deal with his health problem. He has an enlarged esophagus which means his esophagus doesn't push food and water down like normal and food and water can stay in his throat and end up vomiting it up. I took him to the vet and had him X-rayed and looked at. It could heal on his own or it might stay that way. He was vomiting constantly with his original owner.
One remedy is to place food and water and neck level so it goes down easier.

Once I got him home I figured out as long as you keep both the water and food set up about 14 inches off the floor he rarely has issues. Its been a month since he threw up food, except for very small amounts occasionally.
I usually crate him after he eats for a bit to let him relax after he eats and keep him from drinking water for about an hour after he eats. Initially I also would push his food and water down his throat by massaging it to push it towards his stomach. I no longer need to do that.

During the day he is out in a 10x10 kennel while we are at work and in the house at night. We keep him in a crate unless we are in the room with him. He is a normal lab pup, he likes to chew so unless supervised he is crated while in the house.

Great dog, loves to learn and smart. The guy I rescued him from said he had papers but I never was interested and paid $500-$600 for him as a pup. I believe I have the his number if you would like to call and speak to him.

I got him at 8 months and he had some major bad habits and basically no obedience training. Still working on it. He was been introduced to birds, introduced to gun fire and birds shot over him. Working on scent trailing birds on the ground, does very well, nailed it everytime.

Will continue to work on obedience, casting and bird work this summer

I rescued him for the intention of find a hunting home for him. I believe he would of been put down at some point if I didn't rescue him.

I have about $600 in vet bills for his initial xray and exams. Nothing has been needed since. I can show the bills.

Anyone interested in him can meet him

This would be considered an adoption with a fee of $300. Not interested in breaking even but its going to cost money to train him and buy birds this summer. He will be ready for pheasants and ducks by the end of summer. I'm no great trainer and have trained all my own labs and they have been solid hunters.

New owner must be willing to take the extra steps with him. If you allow him to roam free in the house he will pick stuff up and chew and it will get caught in this throat and can cause him to vomit. We are pretty strict about not letting him do that and rarely have an issue. Have a fenced yard would be ideal but not mandatory.

The bad:
Since I got him at 8 months old he had no obedience training so it is going slow, just a matter of repetition and consistency. One of the worst things was him jumping of everyone. He never jumps on me anymore and occasionally jumps on others when he gets overly excited. Still a work in progress.

He has been introduced to E-collar and everything was going good. We have a petsafe wireless pet fence for our dogs. He knew the boundary but my wife came home and was in the driveway and called him. He ran, ended up getting shocked pretty good and had to bring him back in, he was yelping and squealing. So now he is sensitive to the ecollar. You can't go overboard with it, he will shut down. I believe he will get over it, I will work more with him on it this summer when I have birds so his attention will be on the birds and not the collar.

Also for any reason you decide not to keep him he must be given back to me. The adoption fee will not be refunded. This will be written in the adoption paper.

Almost forgot, his name is Charlie and is probably 80lbs, and gets along with my other lab and terrier. He loves to play all day with the other dogs.

If your interested your welcome to call or text.




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I commend your patience with this pup !
Thanks! If no one is interested we will just keep him.

Once I do some more training with him I'll post an update and anyone can text me for video.

Charlie was adopted out today! He went to a hunting home with a special needs child that will give him alotnof attention. There was no charge for adoption since I didn't start using a ton of birds with him yet.

Charlie was adopted out today! He went to a hunting home with a special needs child that will give him alotnof attention. There was no charge for adoption since I didn't start using a ton of birds with him yet.


Great to hear you were successfully able to get Charlie adopted. Nice work in the interim as well.
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