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I haven't really watched a Browns game, except the Cincy, game all year but since I was up north and Cincy plays tonight I watched their game yesterday.

While I've pondered the problem for some time yesterday it screamed out loud, PLAY CALLING! They called the same play at least three times and each time they were taken for a loss. I'm not a football coach and I don't like people telling me how to do my job but Einstein said it best:

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

I sort of feel bad for Browns fans because I've been there as a Cincy fan but too many of them were really obnoxious when Cincy sucked so I can't feel that bad for them.

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Remember how good their running game was (before they lost Mack) with the zone blocking scheme? Makes you wish it was back so they could control the clock and keep the games more competitive.
It was a pretty sad day watching that game yesterday.
Totally inept organization from the owner on down. Farmer should have been canned after the whole texting thing and the coach is simply lost.
If you can the coach, who would even want the job?
I thought Dwayne "Decoy" Bowe had his best game of the year. Hope Mr. Farmer finds a few more like him-great pickup. No. 1 Justin Gilbert was sterling in his performance. I really like the emotion that the Coach shows on the sideline. Lastly not to dispute the Cincy fan.......THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A MORE DYSFUNCTIONAL ORGANIZATION IN THE NFL......on a positive note let Manziel finish the season and see what he can or can not do.....also a few of the Players have some great HAIR DO'S going on....................and they are very respected by the other teams---shown by the Steelers trying to run the score up with a 40 yd pass play at the end of the game..........:eek::eek::eek::shocked::(signed a 50+ year Browns fan.
Yeah, I thought that was a cheap thing to do but I expect that from the Steelers.

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I recall they took a knee twice inside the 5 to end the game.
It's bad when the Steelers take pity on you. Back in the day they'd have punched it in and went for 2! MJ
They took the kneel downs after the pass.
It's bad when the Steelers take pity on you. Back in the day they'd have punched it in and went for 2! MJ

Absolutely! That's when football was awesome and teams really hated each other.
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