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Browns onto something!

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While teams like Pittsburgh, Denver, Green Bay and New England waste their time with proven methods to success, I'm grateful that Dee Haslam sits in on the interview process in picking the next head coach! :eek:
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Everyone on this site knows I am a Pittsburgh fan, with that being said, I think that what the Browns are doing is brilliant. Analytics has changed baseball, and I believe it will change football. I think that many teams like the Steelers and New England are already using analytics and not saying so.. Look at New England picking up so call rejects from other teams and they become stars on New England at multiple positions. The Steelers have a starting left tackle who played the d line at ARMY, spent three tours overseas in Iraq, and Afghanistan, tried out for the d line in Philly. They steelers saw his size and footwork and his learning ability, moved him to tackle and the rest is history. T
These 2 teams also do not draft for need but draft the best available player even if they have no urgent need for that position.

I honestly feel that what the Browns are doing is going to change how most teams build their roster in the future.

One other thing that I love is that they went outside the box and hired the father of analytics from baseball to run this department, he has no ties to any current NFL executive or coach and can let his ideas come through and not have any outside influences effect his ideas.
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I have to disagree. Statistical analysis in baseball is based on hundreds, if not thousands of outcomes. A baseball player doesn't make it to the majors until they have 1500+ at bats at higher levels in the minors (AA/AAA). Pitchers need about 200 innings at those same levels.

Siting your example about the steeler left tackle, their decision wasn't based on statistics, it was based on video analysis. Numbers weren't involved, real football knowledge based on years of experience at the NFL level was.

What the Browns need is to stop giving someone their first shot at being a NFL head coach and hire one of the many coaches and GM's available with super bowl rings to long term contracts and have the owner and his wife get the hell out of the way.
Ask the steelers how their last three head coaches have worked out, all unproven coridinators when hired that went on to win a combined 6 Super Bowls and coach for 47 years. Being a previous head coach means nothing, name a head coach that has one a Super Bowl with 2 teams.
Coaches that have gone to super bowls with multiple teams:
Don Shula
Dick Vermeil
Bill Parcells
Mike Holgrem
Dan Reeves

Granted they didn't win with a second team but would you rather get there or be a consistent dud. Being a previous head coach means a lot. Being a good head coach is even more important.

If you were going to rebuild a franchise would you hire Pettine, Lovey Smith, or some unknown? Or would you pony up and get the best available like Coughlin, Shananhan, or even Cowher, Dungy...etc if they could be bought out of retirement.

PS. I'm a Steeler fan and not a Tomlin fan.
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If I remember correctly no one wanted the job last time and several turned the job down.

d r
If I remember correctly no one wanted the job last time and several turned the job down.

d r
any good coach in their right mind would never want to come to this useless, losing organization.
People said the same thing about Cincy too. It took a long time but it did happen.

d r
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