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Three hours after the games and no comments?
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They are always good at losing the 1st one,,,,,,, Entering my 51st season(that I remember) as a Browns fan.....today's game left me with 2 thoughts.....one using baseball analytics in the draft didn't work so well,,,,,, and the second most lasting thought was why in the he!! didn't they draft Carson Wentz..... sorry 3rd thought just came to me....remove fake punt from play book. Other than that I was/am looking forward to another season.....
Cincy showed poise but if that offensive lines doesn't get better it'll be a long season.

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Watched the Browns on and off yesterday. First thing that came to mind?.......

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The Browns have their work cut out for them this week. I hope it won't be a long brutal season to watch. There was a few bright spots yesterday.
This year is a genuine rebuilding year, not a "rebuilding" year as it has been in years past where they just said they are building because they suck. They passed on Wentz because they need young talent, and lots of it... and they got it. Expect next year and probably 2018 to be more of the same.... but I do like the direction they are going. 14 draft picks this year. 13 picks already (will probably be more) for next year.

I finally believe that the Browns will be a big player a few years down the road.
A Great, Great man once told me that "you have to lose 2 to go 14 and 2!"
A Great, Great man once told me that "you have to lose 2 to go 14 and 2!"
"Once" told you that? he's been saying that 16 weeks a year for at least the past decade.
The officials dictated the outcome of the Browns Ravens game very sad day for the NFL.

The Browns should be 1-1. !!!
I agree Capt. That was a horrible call at the end of the game. No way you can call that
So your saying the ref's made us miss 3 field goals,that game was a gift in our hands,a fumble with only a few clicks left on the clock to seal the deal and no one capable of kicking a field goal? you have to lose 3 to go 2 & 14,I still belive somehow 2 teams this year will lose to us,only by their horrible play and not OUR talented Professional Football Team,on a side note it was great to see the crybaby Steelers get their butts kicked on Sunday,:)
You know what? In order to go 11 and 5, you have to lose 5 of them!
You know what? In all likelihood a 10 and 6 record wins the division and propels you into the playoffs! And if you want to go 10 and 6, you have to dump 6 games. It's that easy to comprehend.
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