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Browning new A5

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Anyone have experience with this gun. I shot my BIL the other day dove hunting and it came up nice and true. Curious if they have worked out all the glitches. The bottomland version really caught my eye but at $1400 I have my reservations.
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I won the DU version at banquet this year. I shot a couple of rounds of sporting clays with with no problems. What glitches are you referring to?
some reviews I have read (Back in 2013) mentions guns jamming and "stove piping." Seems like all the bad reviews were from 2013 and earlier.
I think I remember you saying you had a Benelli M1 Super 90. Stick with that, its a fine gun...if you dont mind recoil. I think it's the finest auto loader ever made. If you want an A5 buy an original one. MJ
Buddy had trouble with his the first couple weeks, but seems to perform just fine now.

I shot it one day and you are right, comes up like a dream. Seems to get 'right there' quick.

With the gun being so light, recoil was an issue after shooting it all day.
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