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Bragging on my boy...

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This guy gave me a scare this morning when he stepped on a false bank and fell 5 feet straight into 3 feet of water in a frigid creek. According to my truck, the air temperature was 32 degrees. He landed flat on his back and completely submerged. I was ready to get back to the truck and get him home, but he refused. He insisted on staying until at least after first flight. Finally after a couple birds, and about an hour, he told me that his fingers and toes were kind of hurting. A few minutes later, we were on the road. He's had a hot shower, dry clothes, and all the hot chocolate he can handle now and is asking to go back out. I don't remember being this tough when I was 11.
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That's a tough boy! My but probably would have been outta there!
Glad he was not hurt, good for him!!!!
I have a nickname for him, Chessie! That's awesome, you don't see attitude like that from young people or anyone for that matter anymore. My three boys are all grown up now some of our greatest memories are from duck hunting at a young age. I haven't posted anything on here for years, but this demands a response. God will honor you passion, will and determination. Apply that kind of "can do" to every aspect of your life and you will accomplish great things!! Good luck this season and always be safe. P.S. dad, they grow up sooooooo quick!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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