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Boat Lighting

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I have a 17' deep V Lowe that we do some bigger marsh hunting and a bit of hunting on the lake with. I'd like to add some LED lights to improve visibility inside the boat once the blind is raised as well as on the front of the boat for when we are in transit in the dark. Any votes for or against any particular product or style or things that were or were not good ideas from your own past experience would be appreciated, thanks.
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Go with red lights on the inside. If not red blue and green will work. It has the least adjustment affect on your night vision. If your looking for a light bar on the front check out amazon.
I added green led light to the underside of the gunnel of my boat this spring and a led spot light to the front. Both from Amazon. Spent less than $100 and it was well worth it.
Front of boat we use Rigid D2's. They pack a punch in a small package. Get your wallet out though!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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