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Blind on a V

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I've got a 17' tracker targa and need to put a blind on it. Has anyone put a manufactured blind on a V? Research says the manufacturers say you can but I want to know if I'm getting into a big headache. I don't want to make a $700 mistake.
Thoughts and advice appreciated!!!!!!
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I use a Cabelas Northern Flight on my 16' X 6' sea nymph with no problem. The only modification I needed to make was to shorten the width tubing. The Northern Flight is made to be sized according to your boats length and beam.
Thanks Eaglepoint

My perceived issue is the bow and deck of my boat is raised and narrows. I will likely have some of the front uncovered by the blind as well as some of the back. Once I get building and cutting I won't be able to send it back. How long was your install? How handy do I need to be and how many helpers do I need?
Did mine solo. The v shape of the gunnels does leave a small part of the point uncovered, but it's not hardly noticeable. Mine uses built in clamps. I pull my boat under the trusses of my building, hook 4 ropes to the frame, unclamp the blind and slowly pull it up and off and that's where it hangs until I need it again. Fairly simple process. I have the windblock fabric and woven rafia for camo.
I did the same with a northern flight blind, it was not bad at all, took about an hour, all you need is some drill bits and a saw. I didn't cut the bottom rails until I got them bolted in. A helper would be nice just for an extra person to hold it
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