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Bismuth Shot

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I have been reloading my own shotgun shells with Bismuth Shot for about 15 years now. I shoot a 20 gauge and the bismuth #5 shot is fantastic. I used to pay $94.00 for a 7 lb container. As seen if the following screen shot it is now $185.00 for a 6.6 lb container from Precision Reloading. At 1 ounce per shell I will get 105 shells or $1.76 per shot. How in the world did it go up in price so much? Is there a less expensive source?


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Have you check ballistics products?
Government has been increasingly pushing lead alternatives with bismuth being the primary alternative. This added demand is what has been pushing its price up.
Surprising. Most commodities are at 15 year lows, including bismuth brass used in our industry.
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