Birds Gobbling Great Today

Discussion in 'Spring Turkey and Field Reports' started by Bshive, Apr 10, 2005.

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    Went out this morning to do some listening and heard several birds over one of my fields.<br> <br> Then this afternoon/Evening, I was at my parents house and 2 birds started sounding off around 5 PM.&nbsp; I got the mouth call out and they hammered it.&nbsp; They came strutting out of the woods and gobbled their heads off for awhile.&nbsp; I usually don't call before the season, but my parents live on a private road and no hunting is allowed on any of the properties and there are turkey's galore, so I figured what the heck!<br> <br> I plan on listening every day before work this week.&nbsp; 7 DAYS AND COUNTING!!!!!<br> <br> The fever has set in!!!<br>