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Betcha nobody has one of these!

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Been a few years since I put a band on the lanyard, but this one is extra special!
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They waste money putting bands on those worthless creatures? They could save the metal and just follow the stench if they really want to track them.
OMG! An Aythya sighting!!!! How's life treating you Jaybird? Well I hope. You must have been on a 482 mile run along the eastern shore when you found that trophy. First Aythya.....can a Franchigunner be in our future? :spot:
I'm just glad he changed his profile pic that thing freaked me out!
No complaints, Mak and I hope the same for you and the family.

That is one of Lake Erie's finest! Called the band in this morning and was very surprised to hear it was banded in '11, considering how shiny and new the band looked, but not surprised to find that it was banded in Erie County, probably only a few miles from where it met it's maker in a perch net.

Of course, Rich was the first person I told about this, knowing he would appreciate it most. Lol
I'm just glad he changed his profile pic that thing freaked me out!

Nah...you just missed him. Ha
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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