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Best 1860 on the market.

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In the market for a new boat. Want an 1860 SC but brand is up in the air. War Eagle, Lowe, Tracker, etc. What do you guys own? What have you hunted out of? Plus and minuses. Thanks

Ps recommendation of where to purchase?

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war eagle freeway marine, the tracker is called a cracker on lake erie the lowe is good but war eagle better.
I ordered a Lowe Roughneck last year from South Shore Marina to my specs. I ordered the tiller for more room, added the heavy hull and flotation pods to the transom. I absolutely love it like a tank. My only complaint is that it's a very rough ride in heavy chop.
Sea Ark is built tough. I'm sure the war eagle is a great boat too. Tracker-no way!
been there done that, decided to go with the best when kids started hunting and chose a war eagle and topped it off with a honda tiller. no complaints!
Lowe Roughneck 1860 MT, War Eagle is a nice boat, but not enough storage area for decoys

5 dozen Restles, 80 qt cooler, all ahead of the side counsel. still with 5 inches of inside free board

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If you're hunting erie, buy a deep V.....
I have an 1860 polar Kraft outfitter mod v tiller I'm thinking about selling. Has a 60 etec on it. Let me know if your interested it's a 2012
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