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Anyone got dove decoys??

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that they are looking to sell? Figured I would try here before I went and bought new ones.
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a dozen maybe
Jason, or anybody else looking for dove decoys.....

I have several dozen for sale. They are the hard plastic ones sold at WalMart. I think they are Flambeau, but I can double check. Pics available if requested, but it will be this evening or this weekend.

$20/dozen plus actual shipping. These typically sell for $2-3 a piece.
Got a buddy who makes custom foam dove decoys,,he is gonna be selling them at the water decoy swap meet
Walmart will have them in a week or 2. No shipping. Or you can buy them on the net from Walmart and have them shipped free to the store near you or your house.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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