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Anyone ever hunt on Walpole Island?

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Was surfing the web and found a hunting club on Walpole Island. It's called JR Wetlands Outfitters. Has anyone hunted with them or on Walpole Island.
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Walpole has a great reputation for feeding ducks,shooting early, shooting late, no limits, drunk guides, guides that want you to shoot anything with feathers including eagles. I have never hunted it and never will but some of my family has and friends have. The stories they tell are terrible including spotlighting ducks after dark. I have sat in Mitchell's Bay and watched the ducks fly the stake line so they don't go over public water where they haven't poured any yellow duck food in front of the blinds. If you don't mind that it's a good place to kill ducks geese swans eagle coots grebs herons. I have had guys admit as high as 68 ducks in a day each.
Yep been to Mitchell's myself. Guys in the cabin beside us shot ducks until they run out of money. The Indian guides will let you shoot their reservation until your wallet runs dry. Take plenty of $$.
if you want a good honest guide on wapole pm me
and hes a duck killer
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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