Anybody Hunt in Wayne National Athens District

Discussion in 'Ohio Gobbler Hunting' started by BigDale, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. BigDale

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    I have hunted deer off and on there for a while and know the area pretty well. i used to see alot of Turkeys there and that is where i think i will be heading for my first Turkey hunt in April. A few questions, Last time i went deer hunting there after a long run of hunting around Miami County it wasn't all that crowded as it was when I was a kid, Does that hold true over Turkey season or is it very crowded?

    If Wayne is slow I may head over to AEP Grounds but I expect they can get VERY crowded
  2. DLC

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    AEP gets hit VERY hard the first week and every weekend. Don't know about Wayne.

  3. mrgobucks

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    Not much of turkey hunter, but I'm going to school in Athens, so I have hunted Wayne quite a bit for grouse over the last four years as well as private land. I can tell you from my experiences, if you get off the beaten path aways, you will find more success...a word of caution...bring a compass! It's a big place and believe it or not, you can get turned around. I'm only here a couple more days, but if I can be of any help to you let me know.

    By the way...there are turkeys everywhere right now. I have seen them in quite a few fields and on hill sides scratch'in it up. Don't forget about Zelaski either...only a short drive from wayne.

    Good Luck,
  4. CODB

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    Wayne is awesome. Went to school down by there as well and worked birds everytime out. Good luck.