Any tips for afternoon hunting??

Discussion in 'Ohio Gobbler Hunting' started by DLC, Apr 4, 2005.

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    <P>Does anyone have any tips for afternoon hunting for the spring gobblers? As you know the youth can hunt till sunset. What would be the best tactics and times for afternoon hunting? We will be at AEP ground. I know they like feilds but AEP doesn't have any crop feilds on it.</P>
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    Last year my son and I targeted a roost area in late afternoon that produced a gobbler with hens but no shot for him. Only time I've ever hunted past noon.<br> <br> &nbsp;During mid afternoon on sunny days they will likely seek out the shade.<br>

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    tactics are not really any different than morning
    late afternoon works well 4-5 o'clock till sunset
    can tell you if you get one to gobble get ready they
    can come in a hurry. edges of open areas, roost areas,
    between open areas and roost areas<img src="/images/boards/smilies/smile.gif" border="0" align="absmiddle">
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    <P>If you&nbsp;we don't&nbsp;score in the morning our plan is to go into the roost about three hours or so in the evening and wait them out, if the roost is not to disturbed from morning hunting. Generally they will return. </P> <br> We got royally screwed up by an adult turkey scouter on the first day of youth season last year. He&nbsp; busted them off the roost first thing while we were there, then followed the birds through the woods calling.<br> <br> Finally got a good chewing out by me. Well the next morning we set up in the same stop and had three toms walk right to the decoys. One rode home with us.&nbsp;They were roosted in the same spot, even with all the disturbance from the day before.<br>