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Any Pipe Creek reports?

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Curious if anyone shot Pipe Creek since Saturday?
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We hunted sunday zone D. Didn't see many teal but had a few opportunities later in the morning, probably around 9-10. We got 2 blues & 2 greens plus 1 goose. Zone B appeared to do well, they got at least 3 geese and Id guess 10+ teal by all the shooting they were doing. Zone C only shot once or twice that I heard.
Had a great hunt on 09-10. Ended up with one goose and 10 blue wings (2 people). The morning only yielded 2 teal and the goose. We realized we should of set up near the millet and we shot 8 in the afternoon. We defiantly could of limited out, but my girlfriend is new at wing shooting.
What zone did you hunt in?
On the eastern side of the unit. I was surprised, we've teal hunted there for 3 seasons in a row. In 2013 & 2014, the unit had nothing planted and the water level was below my knees. It's waist high now and basically everything east of the island is planted with millet.
Got 6 B.W. In area D today, only seen about 25 teal. Did not see any big flocks of teal.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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