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Anti's back in Seven Hills. :(

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REFERENDUM PETITION UPDATE - BOW HUNTING OF DEER - This afternoon Referendum Petitions were submitted to the Clerk of Council from resident Lucy McKernon, that may require a measure be placed on the ballot to overturn Council’s Ordinance to permit bow hunting of deer in Seven Hills. To the best of our knowledge so far, 476 valid signatures are needed. 627 signatures were obtained. The petitions will be sent to the Board of Elections to verify that enough qualified electors signed. If the petitions are certified, we believe that this issue cannot be voted on until the next General Election in November, 2017. The Ordinance Council passed allowing bow hunting cannot go into effect until the voters elect to vote down the Referendum. To our knowledge, this is the first time in the history of our City that a Referendum Petition has been submitted. Information is still sketchy but we believe the explanation in this post will be correct. Long story short, if the signatures are certified, this Referendum Petition stops bow hunting of deer for over a year. Interesting fact: This Referendum Petition was circulated by residents of Lyndhurst, Brecksville, Parma, and North Royalton.
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That's shocking! After showing such utter contempt for that lying hag HRC, you'd think the libtards would want every damn whitetail deer shot and killed on the spot!!!!

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That's odd to me, why 7- hills. The 5 acre lot size and a combination of two lots, that leaves a very, very little area.
you wanna see what they are saying go to deer defender of ohio.
they are the ones causing the issues.
these folks are nuts
I deal with city that used the nuisance ordinance that was already on the books. Case closed at that point.
My parents live in 7 hills, the amount of deer in that city is utterly astonishing. Are there lots big enough to cover the 5 acre or 2 - 2.5 acre requirement?
Actually before the recall vote was adopted the city council dropped land requirements down to 3 acres in full or combined.
Atmosphere Sky Cloud Road surface Wood

This is a crappy night time picture
But there were 7 does when I took the picture

But the amount of deer walking though peoples yards and lounging in their gardens is crazy

My friend has a .83 acre property and house in a development, he regularly sends me images of bucks rutting in his yard, sparing, chasing does during the rut.
Deer that won't even move from his driveway to allow him to park in his garage.


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