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and............. were done. 2015 buck

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As many here know I had an opportunity at this deer opening evening. Well, what you don't know is what happened the next night. Mind you, my wife didn't even know.

Not my proudest moment.... my pride has taken a hit and I'm a little embareassed. The second evening I was walking in and he was bedded 60 yards from my stand. He jumped up and made about 4 bounds and stopped at what I estimates to be 40-45 yards. I always walk in with an arrow knocked, so I drew back made a quick estimation on yardage and shot at him. He was quartering away.... well I didn't see the arrow hit, didn't hear it hit and he trotted off as it he hadn't been hit.

Instantly I thought I missed him. I looked for 45 min for hair or blood. I found nothing. I went home... and like I said... didn't even tell my wife I had missed. That night it was eating at me while laying in bed. So the next day I went back to the property and grid searched for 3 hours.... bothing..... at that point I was convinced I missed him.... but my arrow stil missing has been bothering me.

Well yesterday I made the discovery. And apparently I didn't miss him. I have been walking withing 10 feet of him every time I check that camera. Somehow he looped around and got behind where I made the shot. And I didn't think to search thete. That's not the direction he went. My arrow was still in him.... and was where it should have been. The lack of hair and blood still baffles me. But I partially blame it on the entry and the fact that this property is head high weeds through out. So despite my hurt pride ..... here is my 2015 deer. Not my typical fasion. But I guess it was bound to happen to me eventually. Just hurts my pride.
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Sucks u didn't find him sooner

But good all the while
Beautiful deer. Funny you mention this. My girlfriend shot one two days ago. We can't find a drop or hair or anything, she saw it run about 75 yards into some corn. Did not find arrow or any sign that it was even touched but she swears it was... Have looked both days, maybe I will try again today. How long did it take to get in that kind of shape for your deer?
I shot it the second day. So however many days it was till yesterday. 12,13 days?
I am glad you found him, great buck. It happens to every serious deer hunter eventually. It is also great that you showed your ethics in tagging this buck, many people would have just taken the antlers and kept on hunting, congrats on a great buck again
I knew he'd still be close by from your first story. Congrats on what looks like a fine buck
Congrats on the buck! Glad you found him...
Congrats....nice looking buck.
definitely a great deer..and a great story.
it happens to all of us eventually.
great thing is you found him...and hung a tag on him.

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