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<P style="MARGIN: 0px"><IMG src="http://www.websitetoolbox.com/images/boards/smilies/wave.gif" align=absMiddle border=0>This is a all black litter with the sire being a third generation dog to us...If you are looking for that good hunting Buddie or couch potato this is you litter....Grandfather sired:<IMG src="http://www.websitetoolbox.com/images/boards/smilies/wink.gif" align=absMiddle border=0> Woody's Federal well know on the AKC &amp; UKC field trials...There is&nbsp; <STRONG>Borador &amp; ST. John's &amp; Super Shooter , Muskelunge in this line......they are just a awesome mixture!<IMG src="http://www.websitetoolbox.com/images/boards/smilies/biggrin.gif" align=absMiddle border=0></STRONG></P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px"><STRONG>Dam &amp; Sire are on site......Ready on 06/20/05&nbsp; Hurry <IMG src="http://www.websitetoolbox.com/images/boards/smilies/thumb.gif" align=absMiddle border=0>they will not last long!</STRONG></P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">If you have further questions feel free to call Lori @ 419/332-5430</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px"><IMG src="http://www.websitetoolbox.com/images/boards/smilies/comp.gif" align=absMiddle border=0>&nbsp;email:<STRONG>[email protected]</STRONG></P>
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