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<P>I FINALLY got a truck so my saturn needs to go.&nbsp; '94 SL1, 103k miles, driver side airbag, alloy wheels, CD player with detatchable face, power locks, full brake job a year and half ago.&nbsp; I will be honest, something is wrong with the temperature sensor for the engine and the coolant fan doesn't kick in.&nbsp; The fan still works when i turn the AC on so i've been doing that the last 2 weeks (problem is new).&nbsp; I talked to my mechanic buddy and he said it's a small cheap ($30-60) fix and i'll probablly take care of that myself if the buyer wishes.&nbsp; I also have to put about a quart of oil in it every 2 months but i drive over an hour to and from work everyday.&nbsp; There is a small ding in the front corner of the hood that can easily be fixed (which i would be willing to do as well). It's been a great car and all i've had to sink into it was a brake job and new spark plugs over the last 6 years.&nbsp; Good teenager's first car or something to tool around town in to save gas.&nbsp; Blue book is $1500 with the mechanical problems, My starting price is $1200. PM me, email&nbsp; me <A href="mailto:[email protected]" target=_blank>[email protected]</A>, or call me anytime 419-280-1868.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </P>
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