6 Gallon Steel Gas Tank

Discussion in 'Boats and Blinds' started by smartweed, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. smartweed

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    <P>Tank, with Evinrude fitting, and gas gauge.&nbsp; Still original orange color, tank is in good shape with no dents, dings, etc. &nbsp;Make offer. I am in Cleveland area, on the west side. I have two and just don't need that many....</P>

    WEBFOOTII New Member

    We will t ake it What the price $25 ok

  3. Duckdude

    Duckdude AKA Yo Daddy

    <P>smartweed is a good guy. won't lead you wrong i bought a boat off of him a few months back and was very impressed with the honesty</P>
  4. Wolfbangduck

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    <P>I have had to change over 2 metal tank's this year to plastic,o ring's blowed out,can have them replaced but would cost about 50-60 buck's mostly labour can do it yourself for about 10,but the way the plastic's are made nowaday's, why not just go with the the plastic ones ?&nbsp;total cost of&nbsp;6 gal tank,and adaptor,28 buck's and they hold paint extremly well,also they have a lower profile,just get the size that fit's the boat! I have been a&nbsp;metal tank owner&nbsp;prior to this,not that metal tank's are bad, mine just seen there last day's for now!any info on how to store these,old,broken down tank's just not ready to 86'em. tank's.&nbsp;&nbsp;</P>