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Mud skipper longtail kit, purchased brand new, with 6.5 predator, also purchased brand new. Less than 5 hours on it. Only selling because I finished all of my CAD files for my surface drive, and currently having the parts cut out to weld up my new motor. Don't really have a need for this.

The only modifications I have made is the handle and throttle. The factory handle and throttle sucked in my opinion. I used a thicker walled tune than original, lathe turned to fit the mount on one end, and modified it to use pins instead of screws, so the handle can be quickly flipped 180 degrees for transport. Also turned the other end to install a motorcycle twist grip style throttle.

Price on this is $350, located in Kenton. May sell the whole rig, not sure on that one yet though. I also have a video of well it pushes my fat ass through the mud, but I can't seem to upload it

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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