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2nd layout blind for sale Avery finish her

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Avery finisher Fred zink edition
Blind is in great condition and very comfortable
Also comes with final approach hot seat back warmer.
Also had flag den in the inside
In mossy oak shadow grass
200 obo
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Yeah it is I hoard it all down since season is over
Located in Clyde ohio around Sandusky
Very interested as I own 3 already looking for another one
Do you still have Fred ZINK Blind? Fred ZINK is the #1 Gooseman my friend

Where are you located Whinds ? Do you still have the blind thanks
I'm staying out of this Sale be cuz I'm Respectful of others, Hyper, replied 1st n whinds never replied to him yet, good luck Hyper, I'm glad you like Fred ZINK so do I he's my Friend also read my Posting, only a Real Man, can understand what it reads, Sorry for trying to step on your toes, I respect the will n want of others... Tommy
my Post is the 1 Looking for 3-4True Waterfowl Hunters, where People comes to Bash me, n Fred ZINK, n Goosehunting... My Posting is real but Children with big mouths reply to what they want to play childish games. Tommy
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Do you still have Fred ZINK Blind? Fred ZINK is the #1 Gooseman my friend
Actually Tim Grounds is the #1 Gooseman, I thought an old timer like you would have known that.


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Yup I still have it for sale and I'm located in Clyde which is just. A few miles from the Sandusky bay
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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