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2016-17 calling

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:duckduck::duckduck:Hey Gang!
Just a reminder .. if you haven't done so already, it's time to get your calls out & start working with blowing & tuning up those calls for the up and coming season!

Hope everyone has a great season this fall...Good Luck....
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Whatchu blowin big dawg
I always have one in the truck to practice with on the road. I'm currently playing with a new Kelly Gadus cut down call.
I have so many calls I usually switch back & forth,& that's funny because I don't recommend this!
My favorite for hunting...Mmmmm. I would say for inland Lakes I Like Echo Timber & Goose Shawn Stahl -ll for Goose hunting.....Thanks for the reply! Stay in touch & good Luck....GC
How are you Liking that call? I haven't tried one but have heard they are nice call, with Great customer service.....Good Luck with call & season.....GC
I love it for the price, and you're correct about the customer service. Great calls, great service, made right here in Ohio.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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