Training Bird Dogs (Part Two)

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    When hunting in Ohio, having a well-trained bird dog can be aid you in attaining successful hunts. The foundation for molding a great hunting dog is having them obey commands. For any form of training, I recommend getting any literature like training manuals or books on how to train them, so you\'ll have an on-site reference guide. Training videos are also good reference guides. See the video below:

    When it comes to verbal commands, it all begins with obedience, house and outside training, and multiple forms of training can be done at once. If you\'re dealing with a pup, you can train them to do house and outside training. You can kill two birds with one, so to speak (no pun intended), by having your dog accosted to obeying hunting and house commands. Hunters have different ways of training their dogs, and there is no right or wrong way of doing so. Dogs can recognize words, and will obey your words, if you choose them carefully.

    Name Repeating

    If you\'re starting out with a fresh pup, getting the dog to know its name is important. You can do this casually by saying its name throughout the day, or you can do this during training sessions. Eventually, the dog will recognize its own name through the daily routine, or training sessions.

    Lead By Example

    The easiest way to get your pup to understand commands is to physically show them want you want them to do. For instance, if wanting them to sit, physically push them down by the rump while repeating the command. They will understand quickly, but make sure not to be too physically overbearing or rough. Above all else, training sessions should be fun and pleasant. You don\'t want your dog associating the training with bad experiences.

    Simple Commands Bird Dogs Need to Know

    There are a variety of commands that bird dogs need to know, but there are a few that will be crucial going forward.


    Come will comprise a large portion of your bird training exercises. It will stop your dog from being distracted by new scents or playing around. \"Come\" also aids in getting the dog to focus on retrieving any birds. \"Come\" can also aid in correcting any behavior on the field.


    Heel will be necessary to command, since you\'ll want your dog to slow down and walk with you. Heel is also a training word that will keep your dog well-mannered without a leash. You should also have a good release command like \"Go!\" or \"Bird!\" to give them the greenlight when necessary.


    Getting them to stop is the most important part of training. \"Stop\" or \"Whoa!\" will come in handy if you want your dog to go after another kill, or if you want them to stop midway. This also corrects behavior if they get sidetracked, or if they are playing around. When it comes to this command, the dog should pause on the spot, and await further instruction.

    There are many ways of issuing these commands, and it is best to find some reference material that works for you. There are different instructions that will aid you in your quest to mold a perfect hunting dog, and choose a point of reference that is suited to the personality of you and your dog. If you need assistance training your bird dog, check out the following Ohio listing.

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