Spring Turkey Season

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    Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can get yourself a nice, spring turkey this season, if you decide to partake in this spring\'s turkey hunt. Sure, you can get a frozen turkey from the store, but there is no substitute for a freshly killed wild turkey, a perfect lean dish for the lukewarm spring season. If you want to get out of the lake and hunt on land for a chance, spring turkey season is on the horizon, from April 21, 2014 to May 18, 2014. The bag limit is two bearded turkeys for the season, with one turkey kill per day. Those who want to take two turkeys home in a day have to apply for another spring turkey permit. The season will be open around the state with the exception of the Lake La Su An Wildlife Area. All turkey kills must be checked in by 11:30 on the very day of the hunt.

    Turkey Tagging

    What does tagging a turkey entail? A game tag is required, with such information as your name, which county the turkey was killed, time and date. The tag must be completed at the kill site. The automated game checking and tagging system needs to be completed by 12:00 pm on the day of the hunt. The tag has to remain on the turkey throughout the automated tagging process. For any turkey killed the last day of the season, the kill must be checked in by 11:30 pm. For a party of hunters, all turkeys must be checked in before the applicable time before hunting another turkey.

    Automated Tagging

    The automated tagging is system is for those who don\'t want to transport a turkey to a tagging site. You can call 1-877-824-4864 for auto tagging. You can also go online to the Wild Ohio Customer Center website and go to the \"Game Check: Report on a Deer or Turkey Harvest.\" Make sure the computer is connected to a printer for the issuing of a receipt as confirmation. The receipt will be a 10 digit number that is required for proper auto tagging. Afterwards, the hunter will answer a series of questions in which an 18 digit number is issued. The same method can be applied for smartphones, but must also be printed as well. The last way for automated game checking is getting in touch with a licensed agent for processing. These agents are available during normal business hours. This 18 digit code has to be written on the permit. Once the confirmation number is attached to the tagging, the process is complete.

    The only people who are not required to have a turkey permit are those living on private lands, but they must go through the same automated tagging process and times as other permit holders.

    Safety Tips

    If this is your first turkey hunt, here some things to consider.

    It is best if you call a turkey to you instead of trying to stalk or steer a turkey towards another hunter. This only increases chances of an accidental shooting. Standard camouflage is necessary. Avoid blue, red, white and black colors, since these are typical colors you would find on a turkey. This method will also prevents hunting accidents. Standard orange is an excellent deterrent against mistaken shootings. Other tips include never shooting at noises, and always knowing what you\'re shooting. For more safety tips, and the spring turkey season, visit the Ohio Division of Wildlife for more information.

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