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    Animals have that certain instinct in knowing their surroundings on a level that humans will never attain or understand. That\'s why camouflage and blending into your surroundings is so crucial when hunting water fowl, or any other animal. Animals like geese have that instinct to spot danger and flee immediately. If you are new to the hunting game, there are some things you can do to literally become one with nature.


    The first thing to do is know your surroundings. Scout your hunting locations and get a sense of the types of birds that frequent the area, along with any of the colors and backdrop of the scenery. If it is snowing, for instance, then you white camouflage gear is your best bet in remaining hidden. If hunting in a brownish backdrop, cover yourself in leaves, moss, or anything that will make you one with your surroundings.

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    This is the easiest part, but remaining out of sight is also a mental game. Let\'s say we\'re talking about ducks. You\'ll want to think about the area you are hiding instead of trying to be hidden. Mental calm and focus is just as important as the camouflage itself. The best thing to do is to remain still at all times, and make slow movements. Allow the sounds of nature to drown out your movements. When it comes to staking out areas, try to find where less ducks are around to avoid being spotted. This will also increase your chances of getting closer to the ducks. If one duck sees you, all of them will know, and you lose your entire flock of game.

    If using a boat, try and hide in tall reeds, or dock your boat and hide yourself in meadows, duck blinds or bushes. There is also special camouflage for making your boat blend into natural scenery.

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    If you want to conceal your scent, you can conceal your odor with mud or plants, but if this is not feasible, there are a number of store-bought scents that will conceal the smell of humans in the area. Also, try not to sweat too hard, since this can give away your presence and position. Make sure to relieve yourself far away from your hunting locations.


    Since you may be sitting for hours on end, wear protective clothing that will not only aid you in keeping warm, but will keep any insects or spiders from biting you. And make sure your clothing is waterproof if planning to be around water for long periods. When it comes to remaining hidden, you don\'t want to hide yourself too much if other hunters are around. Even though you\'re trying to remain out of sight, it is always advisable to wear an orange vest to remain in sight. Also, be mindful of hunters who are also trying to hide themselves, and never pull the trigger unless you are absolutely sure of what you are targeting. And, it is important to be aware of where you shoot. Know where other hunters are for safety purposes, and this helps in preventing verbal communication, so as not to scare away any birds.

    You may have been waiting hours to get that one shot, but above all else, remain safe.

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