Articles from OWFF

  1. Evening Hunts

    As avid hunters and outdoors men we squeeze in hunting time whenever we can. Most of us try to get out on the weekends, and some of us in the mornings before we go to work, but evening is also a great time to get out and hunt. If you're getting out in the evenings please stop by this thread and let us know what you got. As the season goes on I'm sure we will be seeing a ton of new pictures and information. [URL][/URL]
  2. Youth Hunts

    As the next generation comes into their own are you making sure to hand down the tradition of hunting? To preserve the right of sports and outdoors men everywhere we have to be good stewards of the sport and bring in the next generation. Teaching them to do things right is not always easy, but it is rewarding. Are you taking a youth to their first hunt? If so we would love to read more about it. Please join this thread for a discussion already in the works....
  3. OhioWaterFowlerForum Decal Contest!

    We just got the new decals in and they look great! In order to celebrate, and get a few into the hands of members, we are launching the OhioWaterFowlerForum decal contest. That\'s right, 20 lucky members will be drawn at random and contacted to receive our new decal free of charge! For complete rules of entry and to join please follow this link. [URL][/URL]
  4. Making Sawdust

    As winter hits hard in Ohio many of us are out on the water waiting for the ducks to come in, but what do you do when you are not? Many are choosing to design and make calls. This age old tradition is one of the staples of the sport, and no Waterfowler would be complete without thorough knowledge of call production. Stop buy this thread to see what other members are producing in their down time. [URL][/URL]