18 ft. duck boat/trailer/blind

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    <P><IMG alt="" hspace=0 src="http://dsc_1630.jpg%20(44.36%20kb)/" align=baseline border=0><B><U>NEW Asking Price</U></B>.&nbsp; 18' 1971 Aluminum Duck Hunting Boat w/40 hp ('70-'72) electric start Evinrude motor, trailer, and fully customized boat blind w/ flip top.&nbsp; Entire rig is ready for the upcoming season.&nbsp; No mechanical issues with boat, motor, or trailer.&nbsp; You can reach (Dennis) @ (216) 952-9402 or Matt via e-mail <A href="mailto:wardodc@yahoo.com" target=_blank target=_blank>wardodc@yahoo.com</A>.&nbsp; The rig is currently in Mentor, Ohio and we are more than happy to show it to any interested parties.&nbsp; <B><U>NEW</U></B> asking price for the complete package is <B><U>$3900.00</U></B>&nbsp;</P>